Choose Rustic Bar Stools and Add More Style to Your Home

Rustic bar stools are a great way to add to your Western themed bar, or Lodge style home. They will definitely add style, originality and interests to your home's décor. These bar stools can be purchased in many styles, colors and varieties. You may even have these custom made to meet your specific needs.

Before you make your purchase be sure to consider how many barstools you will need. If you order to few, you cannot be certain that if you return in order to purchase more, that you will find matching stools available.

Rustic bar stools just like any other chair should be functional and also comfortable. Do not forget to measure the height of your table or bar. This is important in order to ensure that your barstools sit comfortably in the intended space. Ideally, you should have a space of approximately 10 to 13 inches from seat to table in order to sit comfortably. If your barstool is too high you will tower over the table. If your barstool is too low, you will sit far below. In either case this will not be a comfortable situation.

Also give some thought to whether or not you want your barstools to be backless, or to have backs. You will also want to consider whether on not you want them to have padded seat cushions, and if so, what colors and patterns you are interested in. Some barstools will swivel. Is this something that you're interested in? Or do you prefer something stationary? You will want to have a basic answer to these questions when you begin the process of choosing your rustic barstools.

The edition of rustic bar stools to your already existing rustic style will certainly add the finishing touches that will make your home décor complete.

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Tuscan Kitchen Decor - Decorating With Old World Bar Stools

Having a bit of old world Italy in your kitchen can give it an elegant but comfortable feeling and there's no better way to accent your Tuscan kitchen décor than with old world bar stools. Now, I'm not talking about buying some uncomfortable old stools from the 17th century - I'm talking about new bar stools in an old world style.

Bar stools add a bit of informality to the kitchen and everyone loves eating a light meal or snack while perched on a stool. They are perfect for afternoon guests and for the kids to do their homework on. Not only that, but if you choose them carefully, they can act as a decorative element that enhances your overall décor.

When choosing old world bar stools, you want ones that match with the colors and theme of your Tuscan kitchen décor. Is your kitchen more on the rustic side? Then choose wooden stools with a rush seat. Is it more elegant? Then you might want wrought or bent iron stools. If you have a fabric seat, make sure you get a color and pattern that matches the room - most bar stool stores offer a selection of fabrics and you can easily get something that matches your décor.

The other consideration when choosing bar stools is the height and number of stools you need. This is dictate by the size of the table or bar that you will be using the stools for seating at.

The general rule of thumb is that you need 10 to 13 inches between the seat of the stool and the bottom of the counter. This is what a person will need to feel comfortable sitting at the counter. Of course, it's not practical to bring the stools home and measure them so what you do is measure from the bottom of the counter to the floor and then when you are in the store, you can measure from the top of the stool to the floor and subtract the two numbers to find out if the stools are a perfect fit!

Another thing you want to think about when buying bar stools. While you might be tempted to buy as many as you can so you can seat more people, there is actually an optimum number of stools that can fit at one table or bar. You want to be sure there is 25 to 30 inches of space from the middle of 1 stool to the middle of the next. This is what will be most comfortable for your guests, so it is best to purchase the number of stools that will allow for this seating.

Buying old world bar stools to match your Tuscan kitchen décor can be a great way to get good seating that adds to the decorating theme in your kitchen. Just follow the rules above and you're sure to find stools that fit perfectly into your Tuscan kitchen.

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Bar Stool Sets - A Stylish and Functional Way to Furnish Your Kitchen Or Bar

Did you know that purchasing a bar stool set is about more than just utility? Of course barstools are functional and practical. They are very useful and comfortable for eating or just lounging. They provide an alternative to the standard four-legged kitchen chairs around a dining room table.

But a bar stool set gives you more than just a place to sit. It provides an important contribution to your home décor. Bar stools, in fact, can be used as a critical component to your home decorating scheme. The many styles of bar stools means that you can find any look you want, from modern to retro. Complementing your existing room décor with a bar stool set is a smart and easy way to put the finishing touches on a room. Barstools can do double-duty, both providing functional furniture for your room and adding to the style of your eating area.

Deciding how to furnish and decorate areas like your kitchen, breakfast nook, or bar is no easy task. For starters, you'll be spending the most time there than in any other part of the house. For another, the whole family uses the area so the decorating scheme has to be something that pleases everyone. But the good news is that a bar stool set can be used to complement any decorating scheme that you choose. Everything from elegant wrought iron stools with swirling Victorian designs to sleek and modern futuristic-looking stools are on the market.

For example, if you want to go with a retro 1950s diner look for your eating area, adding a classic chrome and red vinyl bar stool set puts a touch of real authenticity into the room. Or if you're looking to give your kitchen a real downhome feeling, you can go with oak barstools in warm honey-colored hues. Or if you want a wet bar with a swanky and sophisticated air to it, there's no better way to accomplish your decorating goals than by investing in some sleek barstools made of dark mahogany.

There are a few different options when purchasing bar stools. Many models of barstools are sold individually, but often they can be purchased in matching sets of two.

Getting a bar stool set of two matching stools is usually a bargain when compared with the cost of buying two identical stools individually. Some sets even include two stools and a small matching table, which is an ideal arrangement for a small breakfast nook or a trendy bistro feel.